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  • PA598 - Strategic Planning
  • PA513 - Management Systems


Teaching Statement

I believe in compact, intentioned, relevant, and flexible learning environments that prepare students to think critically in order to be proactive, creative, and contributing members of their organizations and communities. 

Students can be anxious about the nature of the work ahead of them. I seek to focus on the most efficient and purposeful assignments, readings, and lectures needed to achieve the learning outcomes of a class. For several years I taught public staffers how to build websites for cities. This experience emphasized the importance of both application and simplicity. I see my role as a guide who has trod this road before and knows a path to the goal but is ready to see new things through my students eyes. 

I am intentional about the end goal of my teaching and I view it within the context of a set of classes in a curriculum. I work with colleagues to create complementary learning experiences that prepare our students for their next chapter. It is important work shaping the leadership of public, nonprofit, and volunteer organizations. Teaching participants to be actively curious about the organizations that they inherit is a key component of my approach to teaching. 

Relevance is key for ensuring that students grapple with the subject we are discussing. In teaching, I try to weave relevance both generally and for the particular students in a class. This requires getting to know why students have taken the class. It also requires carefully editing the most abstract concepts to bring them into lived experience. A discussion about the politics administration dichotomy? Challenging and abstract. Regulations on scooters? Much more relevant. 

I find flexibility is important in maintaining the confidence of students and engaging them to learn. When constructing classes I incorporate opportunities for choice without it seeming as if there has been something lost through that flexibility. I seek out ways for students to be openly curious so that they might articulate gaps in knowledge or understanding more freely. I emphasize repeated engagement and application of the material and careful peer interaction. I believe in giving students the opportunity to iterate on their ideas and bounce off each other. I accomplish this through repeated submission exercises and peer review. 

I incorporate an awareness of computing technology into teaching. For public managers the role of technology can be an ever present part of their lives. Not having the awareness of these tools can limit their usefulness and contribute to a manager chasing fads of the moment. Having worked as a vendor of new technologies, I teach to be keenly aware of oversold promises and technological limits. 

I feel most successful when students tell me that my classes made them consider opportunities in public service either as a career or volunteer.