Research Statement

Research Statement

My research focuses on the contributors to and effects of complexity in local governance systems. Of particular interest is how repeated changes ( reforms, expansions, contractions, fads, reorganizations, concessions, and the like), shaped by internal institutional logics, affect public organizations over time. In order to explore these phenomenon more comprehensively, I have pursued novel ways to represent local governance systems and complexity. With these tools, I explore how public involvement, technology, democratic mechanisms, organizational structure and governance have been affected by complexity.

At the same time, I am curious about how we translate our research into pedagogy. To that end, I have investigated how public organizations process data, engage the public, and implement new technology. With colleagues at NC State, I have explored how public administration scholars are taught to teach and the specific needs of nonprofit managers.

At part of my PhD coursework, I have developed a broad suite of methodological skills and approaches and feel comfortable in both a qualitative and quantitative environment. I feel most at home in a collaborative environment where different specialties and passions mix together to solve problems.

Outside of the academy, I have become a valued strategic adviser to government organizations and the groups that work with them. I have facilitated discussions, workshops, classes, and presentations with all levels of an organization. Before beginning my PhD program, I developed product and consulting team strategy for several government software companies and was a planner.

I value community service. Currently I serve as the chair of the Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Greenway Advisory Board. I have served as chair of the Central Citizens Advisory Council and on various citizen initiatives in the city including the Citizen Engagement Task Force. At NC State I have served as a peer mentor and a representative to the Graduate Student Association.

Ideally I would like to join a faculty of driven researchers and educators who are committed to advancing the field of public administration.

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