Research Statement

Research Statement

My research interests concern how repeated changes, reforms, expansions, contractions, fads, reorganizations, concessions, and the like affect public organizations over time. The complexities brought about through changes may ultimately impede positive intentions. Specifically, I look at how change affects public involvement, technology, democratic mechanisms, organizational structure and governance. Typically at the local government level.

As part of this work, I have studied the way that public organizations consider the data they are generating as organizations change and policies are implemented. With my colleagues at NC State, we have looked at how the contemporary public administration department teaches data, organizations, and teaching. As part of the Municipal Research Lab at NC State, I have worked with the University and local governments to assess policies and social capital.

At part of my PhD coursework, I have developed a broad suite of methodological skills and approaches and feel comfortable in both a qualitative and quantitative environment. I feel most at home in a collaborative environment where different specialties and passions mix together to solve the problems we care about.

Outside of the academy, I have become a valued strategic adviser to government organizations and the groups that work with them. He has facilitated discussions, workshops, classes, and presentations with all levels of an organization. He has engaged with elected executives, administrative staff, and volunteer leadership. In his private sector work, he developed product and consulting team strategy for several government software companies.

I value community service. Currently I serve as the chair of the Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Greenway Advisory Board. I have served as chair of the Central Citizens Advisory Council and on various citizen initiatives in the city including the Citizen Engagement Task Force. At NC State I have served as a peer mentor and a representative to the Graduate Student Association.

Ideally I would like to join a faculty of driven researchers and educators who are committed to advancing the field of public administration.

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